Sending teachers to FETC 2024? Tell them to check out these 3 sessions

The education landscape is constantly evolving, now more than ever. With emerging technologies competing for a spot in the classroom, it’s up to educators to decide how edtech can meet the needs of their learners. But where should they start?

New and upcoming teachers are less comfortable using technology for classroom instruction, which could be problematic considering the amount of money school districts have already spent on education technology solutions. But in January, the Future of Education Technology Conference will be hosting hundreds of sessions and presentations designed to support educators and leaders as they seek to better understand the K12 edtech landscape.

If you’re one of the many education leaders sending a team of educators to FETC 2024, here are three sessions that will touch on some of the most pressing edtech topics and issues that you won’t want them to miss:

Artificial Intelligence in Education: What Do We Need to Know?

Although it’s been nearly one year since ChatGPT, an artificially intelligent chatbot, disrupted the education space, there continues to be confusion and ethical considerations surrounding its use in the classroom.

In this session, attendees will be given a brief overview and explanation of AI and how educators can teach with it. Furthermore, you’ll learn how it’s evolving and its implications for K12 education.

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The Odd Couple: How Educators and Technology Directors Fail Together and Succeed Together

“Aren’t ALL relationships difficult at times? They don’t have to be if they are built on trust and shared outcomes.”

This advice has nothing to do with romantic troubles. It’s the fundamental principle for this session, hosted by a group of educators, technology directors and instructors from the Pottsgrove School District in Pennsylvania. The relationship between your educators and your IT professionals is essential. Unfortunately, they’re not always on the same page.

“The technology department may be focused on cybersecurity, but the educators’ expectations are to incorporate technology into their curriculum,” the session description reads.

In this session, you’ll get helpful tips on how these two groups can come together and set expectations that match one another’s goals.

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Explore Techniques that Make Learning Stick

Every teacher is different. Some might prefer the traditional style of instruction, which relies heavily on questioning, dialogue and exploring big ideas. Others might have a plethora of edtech solutions in their toolbelt, each designed for a particular method of instruction. But which tactic is best for student outcomes?

In this session, you’ll learn how to bridge the gap and engage the students of today. Attendees will explore different techniques to make learning plans that will actually “stick” with your students.

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