Envisioning the 2030 technology landscape for special education

The landscape of special education is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with a notable surge in the number of students diagnosed with autism. The numbers speak volumes—from 1 in 68 in 2013 to a staggering 1 in 36 just a decade later. As we stand at the cusp of this wave of change, it begs the question: Are our education districts equipped to meet the escalating needs of these students and their families?

This fall, a panel of distinguished experts will gather to probe this vital issue. A gathering that promises not just dialogues, but a blueprint for a future that resonates with inclusivity and innovation. Join our On the Road to FETC panel on October 11 at 4 ET. Claim your spot here.

Steering the conversation toward a bright future

Moderated by edtech leader Dr. Kari Stubbs from Stages Learning, the panel brings together visionary superintendents: Dr. Deb Kerr (St. Francis School District), Dr. Zandra Jo Galvan (Greenfield Union School District), and Dr. Neil Gupta (Oakwood Schools). These thought leaders will dissect current trends, delve into fresh data on gender and ethnicity demographics in autism, and envisage technology-driven strategies to forge a brighter future for our students.

The discussion promises a wealth of insights, drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise. The focal point remains clear—charting a path that ensures maximum impact and equity for students in the rapidly—changing world of special education.

Zooming in on the pertinent issue

The conversation promises to be as expansive as it is deep, exploring the nuanced implications of the increasing diagnoses in the context of early intervention and early childhood programming. The panelists will not only address the trends they observe in their respective districts but also project these observations onto a broader canvas, sketching a vivid picture of what 2030 could look like for special education.

From exploring the role of emerging technologies to fostering equity and inclusivity, the discussion will span an array of discussion points. The overarching aim is to foster collaboration among all stakeholders—educators, partners, parents, and students—ensuring resources are sculpted to serve the unique needs of every child with autism.

Be part of the change

We cordially invite district leaders from various backgrounds to be part of this important conversation. Regardless of whether your role is tied to special education, your voice matters in shaping a future that promises inclusivity and growth for our evolving student body.

Be prepared to engage in a vibrant discussion that revolves around:

  • Envisioning the 2030 landscape for special education
  • The role of technology in revolutionizing special education
  • Strategies for early intervention and effective programming
  • Crafting equitable and inclusive environments for students
  • Engaging all stakeholders in a collaborative effort
  • Preparing districts to handle the increasing demand for specialized resources

The symposium also invites insights into potential long-term impacts and the role of technology in building stronger bridges between schools and families.

Mark your calendar

Join our On the Road to FETC panel on October 11 at 4 ET for a session that promises to be as informative as it is transformative. Click here to save your seat. Your participation is not just a step towards a richer dialogue but a stride towards a future where every child finds a place of understanding, growth, and opportunities.

Be part of the change. Be part of a conversation that matters. See you at the session!