Best of back-to-school edtech

Join us for an exciting session where we showcase the very best educational technology (EdTech) tools to enhance the back-to-school experience! This session will explore innovative solutions that foster meaningful relationships, harness the power of AI, and optimize classroom management and organization.

In this session, attendees will discover a range of powerful EdTech tools that enhance the beginning of the year experience while saving time throughout the year. Learn how to create meaningful activities that foster a strong classroom culture of belonging and connection. Experience the potential of interactive platforms and collaborative tools to engage students and create a positive learning environment. Gain practical insights to seamlessly integrate these tools into your teaching practice, optimizing your time and cultivating an inclusive classroom where every student thrives.

About Jeni Long

Jeni Long is an international speaker, consultant, blogger, and author. Currently serving as an Innovation Leader with Castleberry ISD, Jeni’s passion lies in integrating technology into education and making learning accessible and fun for all. Jeni’s expertise in the field is widely recognized, as evidenced by her status as a Microsft Innovator Educator Expert, MIE Fellow, and Trainer. She also serves as an ambassador for esteemed platforms such as Wakelet, Pear Deck, Genially, Adobe, Curipod, and Flip. With 25 years of experience in education, she has held various roles including 6th grade Math Teacher, ELA Curriculum Specialist for grades 7-12, Technology Integration Specialist, and Science Curriculum Specialist. Jeni has shared her knowledge and insights across various schools and at conferences and events like ISTE, BETT, FETC, TCEA, NCCE, TIA, and Central America. Jeni co-hosts “The Jenallee Show,” a YouTube and TikTok series in conjunction with Sallee Clark, where they highlight the latest EdTech tools and provide tech tutorials for educators worldwide. Jeni and Sallee, cowrote The Microsoft Teams Playbook and are collaborating authors on the EduMatch book Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative. Recently, Jeni and Sallee were awarded the Top 30 2022 EdTech Influencer Award by EdTech K-12 Magazine.

About Sallee Clark

As an expert in educational technology, Sallee Clark is passionate about leveraging innovative tools and platforms to enhance the learning experience for both students and educators. Currently serving as an Innovation Leader in Castleberry ISD, Sallee brings expertise gained from her 19-year tenure in education, which includes valuable experience as a teacher and librarian. Her knowledge and practical insights have made her a featured presenter, leading impactful professional development sessions at esteemed conferences worldwide. As part of the dynamic duo known as #Jenallee, alongside Jeni Long,

Sallee shares her expertise and EdTech wisdom with educators through various engaging platforms. Their informative TikTok videos, YouTube content, and engaging discussions on Twitter Spaces have empowered countless educators to make learning accessible and fun! In addition, Sallee and Jeni have co-authored “The Microsoft Teams Playbook.” Their contributions and innovative approaches have honored them with the Top 30 2022 EdTech Influencer Award by EdTech K-12 Magazine.

About Jennifer Womble

Jennifer Womble’s vision for transforming education includes creating high quality professional development for education in the technology space. Serving as the Conference Chair for the Future of Education Technology Conference (#FETC), the largest independent edtech conference in North America, she specializes in developing innovative edtech events and hands-on experiences to engage education and leadership audiences and promote learning experiences, and implement modern pedagogy infused with technological tools. Named Edtech and Elearning Top 200 Inflencers, Top Edtech Products Judge for District Administration and Reimagine Education Awards, EdTech Digest Leadership Award. She demonstrates daily the value of community involvement, the pursuit of learning science and the role of innovative leadership. Whether leading, teaching or volunteering, she spreads her energetic spirit and inspires others to invest in our future—our children!