5 FETC sessions that grabbed our attention

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Looking for a great session (or two, or three…) to attend during FETC 2024? We’ve got you covered! Here are 5 sessions we’re eyeing as we build our FETC schedules (and here’s the full session list):

  1. Building Inquiry-Based Instruction: This session is designed to support educators in creating inquiry-based lessons with a focus on critical thinking and problem-solving skills; both of which enhance student performance in and out of the classroom. In the standardized testing era, students are too often asked to memorize facts and/or recall ideas without being expected to retain a deeper understanding of information. Depth in learning comes from focusing on critical thinking, evaluation of information, and tapping into students’ intrinsic curiosity.
  2. The Magic of Merlyn: How AI Can Create wonders in Your Classroom? Unleash the Magic of AI in Your Classroom! Join our session to explore MerlynMind Origin, an AI-powered tool transforming K-12 education. Discover how it tackles diverse learning styles, boosts student engagement, and streamlines administrative tasks. Witness its magic through an interactive demo and real-life success stories. Your classroom’s future starts here!
  3. Transformational IT Leadership: The Makeup of a Modern CIO: As the leader of the technology at your business how do you define your role in the ever changing world of technology? Through the various adoptions, pandemics, and cybersecurity threats, what is the makeup of a modern CIO?
  4. Elevating Equity: Unveiling Startling Insights for Inclusive CS Classrooms: Did you know the “nerd” stereotype can dissuade girls from pursuing STEM education? Who makes a better programmer, a mathematician or a linguist? In this session, we will explore some startling research findings on equity and inclusion in STEM and Computer Science (CS), identify barriers to entry, and explore resources and activities that can be quickly implemented. We will redefine what equity and inclusion can look like in the CS classroom.
  5. SEL and STEM: Meaningful Classroom Connections: The social emotional wellness of the students we serve is more important than ever. The integration of hands-on learning in STEM aligns with the tenets of SEL in ways that will not only develop learners academically, but socially and emotionally. Using the CASEL competencies of self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, this session will explore the connections between STEM and SEL. Examples will be shared that connect to each part of the SEL framework including student work examples and rubrics for classroom use. Through STEM learning experiences, we will explore the ways that hands-on STEM can increase social emotional development. Participants will engage in discussion about lesson ideas that can be used in any K-8 classroom. As we strive to better, more connected educators we want the same for our students. Supporting students to think beyond themselves to create a positive impact for others is a lesson that we all need right now. Developing empathy and social awareness for others not only builds social emotional learning in our students but helps them to be better citizens.

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