3 FETC sessions for administrators looking to become better champions of technology

2023’s Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) came off the heels of a COVID-19 pandemic that changed the world of education and edtech for good in ways unimaginable, and, for some, for the better. As such, the conference’s program agenda did not fail to include a plethora of professional development opportunities for educators, administrators and district leaders wanting to gain a better grasp of the latest emerging technologies that will inevitably end up shaping teaching and learning in their classrooms. Fortunately, this year will be no different.

FETC 2024 in Orlando, Florida is swiftly approaching, and what better way to prepare than by taking an early look at some of the sessions that will take place, specifically those designed for the K12 administrator?

District Administration has compiled a brief look-ahead at three sessions to be held at FETC 2024 that will shed light on some of the most current trends related to K12 education technology that every administrator should be familiar with. Let’s take a look at what next year’s event has to offer:

Proven Techniques for Deploying and Managing Chromebooks

Chromebooks have become one of the most common student devices leveraged by school districts. Others, however, may not know where to start. In this session, you’ll hear practical advice, tips and tools for developing a successful Chromebook program at your school.

Digital Transformation & Leadership: Navigating Disruptive Technologies for 21st-Century Leaders

This interactive workshop will explore the vital responsibility educators and leaders share in embracing and navigating the challenges brought about by disruptive technologies. Participants “will engage in thought-provoking discussions and collaborative activities that delve into the core concepts of digital transformation, such as emerging technologies, changing learner needs, and the shifting educational landscape,” per the session description.

Cultivating Diversity in K12 IT Departments: Leadership Strategies for 2024 and Beyond

In recent years, IT departments have become the backbone of K12 schools. Thus, it’s crucial that leaders understand the importance of fostering a diverse IT staff in order to ensure an inclusive education experience for students. In this session, participants will learn:

  • The current state of diversity within K12 IT departments and leadership
  • The multifaceted benefits of a diverse IT team, from broadened perspectives to enhanced problem-solving
  • Challenges and barriers to achieving diversity in IT roles and how to overcome them
  • Proven strategies and initiatives to recruit, retain and promote diverse talent within the K12 IT sphere
  • Anecdotes and lessons learned from the panelists’ journey towards fostering a more inclusive IT environment.

“Diversity and inclusivity in the IT realm do more than just enrich the department; they ripple out to impact the entire educational community,” the session description reads.

View the FETC 2024 program agenda here, or register now.