Future of Education Technology Conference to highlight more than 50 of edtech’s latest innovations

Exhibitors will display the most cutting-edge technology and solutions to the most pressing issues faced by classrooms, schools and districts. 

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – January 18, 2024 – The Future of Education Technology® Conference (FETC®), an intensive, highly collaborative exploration of new technologies, best practices and pressing issues in K12 education, announced today exhibiting companies that will introduce more than 50 new products at the in-person event taking place January 23-26, 2024, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Solution providers will make FETC the official launchpad for their new innovations in virtual reality, assessment, device management, instructional technology, robotics and more as part of the expansive Expo Hall. 

“I am truly excited about the opportunity FETC 2024 presents for educators to have ground floor access to more than 50 new products that will shape the future of edtech,” said Tim Hart, Executive Vice President of Arc Americas. “Technology plays a pivotal role in education, and FETC allows us to experience firsthand the innovative solutions that will transform classrooms. It’s inspiring to see educators at the forefront of this exploration having impactful conversations and making discoveries that will improve student outcomes.” 


AristotleK12, an educational technology platform, has been expanded to provide the first-of-its-kind inclusive multilingual classroom management technology. AristotleK12 has the standard functionality typically seen in a classroom management solution but broke the mold with the addition of real-time translation technology. AristotleK12 automatically translates text, live video chats, chat transcripts and videos, displaying them in the student and educator’s preferred language, removing the need for a third-party translation service and, in turn, improving student outcomes. https://www.sgtlabs.com/aristotlek12/ 

AVer Information 

“Class is in session.” AVer’s new AmpliWave instructional audio system is about to change the way students and teachers interact in the classroom. Experience a revolution in learning with AVer’s AmpliWave Instructional Audio System. This wireless amplification system transforms classrooms by providing plug-n-play convenience, wall-mount speakers, and wireless microphones. Empower teachers to effortlessly manage their classrooms with a 60-ft. range, ensuring clear instructions wherever students are seated. Drive academic achievement through the power of amplified audio with AmpliWave. https://averusa.com/education/ 


BenQ plans to unveil the RM04 Series BenQ Board, an enterprise-grade EDLA-certified smart board purpose-built for schools. Unlike standard smart boards, RM04 ensures safety, flexibility and usability in a subscription-free model. It integrates with various ERP ecosystems, supports multiple users with NFC login, features EyeSafe technology to reduce eye strain, an antimicrobial screen, Google Workspace Directory sync, remote management and more. https://www.benq.com/en-us/education.html 

Boxie, LLC 

A Video Learning Software Solution using AI that enhances and provides a more robust and easier to create and evaluate solution for educators and students, automatically extracting key learning questions from videos to make it easier for teachers to build lesson plans. www.meetboxie.com 


Brainstorm will showcase an expanded ecosystem based on Edison PRO, the cost-effective turn-key solution for creating eye-catching live or online presentations and videos that include keyed live talents in virtual 3D environments, including XR and AR content, with total ease. Based on Brainstorm’s 30 years of experience in broadcast, virtual sets and AR, and designed to fulfil the requirements of smaller broadcasters, live events companies, corporations and educational institutions, Brainstorm now showcases the Edison ecosystem. Built around Edison PRO, it’s a modular proposal that seeks to transform any live or online virtual content creation into an immersive experience through AR and virtual environments. www.brainstorm3d.com 

Bright White Paper Company 

The NEW Education Pro ELITE Poster Maker! This upgrade now includes a sixth red ink cartridge, UltraChrome® XD3 ink, which produces vivid crisp lines and vibrant colors for graphics, signage, blueprints, documents and more. Includes Adobe® Embedded Print Engine as a standard option. Print vinyl banners, classroom posters, directional signage, canvas portraits, retractable banners, yard signs, glossy photos and so much more. www.brightwhitepaper.com 

Centric Learning 

Centric Learning, a leader in virtual learning, announces the launch of new Advanced Placement (AP) courses for English Language & Composition, Microeconomics, and Environmental Science, available beginning in the fall of 2024. Students interested in AP courses will have the chance to take courses asynchronously while establishing real-world connections through a project-based learning (PBL) education approach. https://centriclearning.net/ 


ClassLink Audit Center Takes You from Ugh to Ahhh! From creation to evaluation, Audit Center helps you complete your big, strategic projects. With one central place to organize, access and share evidence, you can achieve your goals in record time. Teams have one secure place to store files and notes. Leaders can easily track the progress of an evaluation and invite external evaluators to securely complete reviews. Schools save time, stay organized and achieve their goals faster. https://www.classlink.com/ 


Code.org has launched a new District Program to support U.S. school districts in expanding computer science (CS) and AI pathways for all students. Participating districts will learn how to best leverage Code.org for your district needs and goals. Districts will receive support such as professional learning, implementation guidance and access to local and national communities of practice. Districts will be recognized nationally for their commitment to CS and have regular opportunities to learn and share best practices with peers. www.code.org/districts 


CrisisGo is officially putting its name to its partner program: The Safety Forge. The Safety Forge is a place where like-minded technology partners come together for one mission: To provide organizations with the utmost level of safety through seamless integration within a unified platform, leveraging cutting-edge technologies. www.CrisisGo.com  

Drone Cadets 

Drone Cadets announces VR world Dronia and Drone Cadets Flight App. Meta 3: teaching kids how to build, repair code and fly in the Metaverse. https://dronecadets.com/ 

ELO Digital Office 

ELO Content360 harnesses the power of AI to deliver high-fidelity transcriptions of all multimedia content, empowering educators to better achieve their goals in collaboration with all stakeholders. Using state-of-the-art ASR technology and automatic tagging and indexing, ELO Content360 transcribes all kinds of multimedia content such as recorded public speeches, teacher-student conferences, board meetings, and more. https://www.elo.com/en-us.html

Ereflect Inc 

Wordela Invites Educators to Experience Free Semester-Long Trials at FETC 2024 Booth. Wordela is poised to redefine K12 education technology by harnessing proprietary technology, including sophisticated learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), promising an unprecedented increase in knowledge retention accuracy, reportedly up to an impressive 95 percent. https://www.ereflect.com/ 

FEV Tutor 

FEV Tutor is releasing a new feature in January 2024: Remarkable reporting. Remarkable reporting offers role-based reports for teachers, principals and district leaders. All key users will be able to easily monitor high-level insights and trends with reports that are filterable by date, school and teacher. Additional reporting will be easily viewable right at their fingertips with configurable dashboards. https://www.fevtutor.com/ 

Forward Education 

Forward Education is pleased to announce the launch of our Climate Action Kit! The Climate Action Kit is designed to deliver meaningful, purpose-driven coding and STEM education through a turnkey robotics platform. Across grades 3-12, our kit enables multiple lessons and projects for students to learn about climate change issues and their solutions, through building and coding working prototypes of these technologies. The Climate Action Kit is designed to simplify coding for educators and students at all experience levels. https://forwardedu.com/ 

Generation Esports 

New for 2024! Gaming Concepts: Computer Applications – Dive into business and marketing with Gaming Concepts: Computer Applications. This innovative program goes beyond the basics, offering hands-on experiences in team management, event coordination, and marketing strategies within the gaming industry. Beyond essential computer applications, students showcase skills through engaging, real-world projects. The course blends traditional computer applications with the dynamic gaming sector. www.generationesports.com 


Manage your internship and Work Based Learning data on your own Salesforce! Starting in January 2024, school districts can leverage their own Salesforce instance to manage their real-world learning (internship, apprenticeship, work-based learning) data. Curate your database of mentors and track internship attendance data, all while allowing students and educators the ease of the ImBlaze user experience. www.imblaze.org 


We are excited to announce updates to our award-winning student safety & wellbeing products, releasing Jan 2024. The ContentKeeper Parent Portal beta allows parents to view web activity on school devices. Better connections with Google Workspace make it easier to add, sync and remove Google Classrooms to Impero Classroom. New keyword lists and ML models eliminate false positives, improving safety and well-being. www.imperosoftware.com 

IXL Learning 

IXL Quizzes are now better than ever, with new functionality. IXL Quizzes empower educators to quickly and easily evaluate student learning. Teachers can create custom quizzes based on one or more IXL skills, giving them a powerful way to assess and address skill gaps. New for 2024, teachers can share quizzes with colleagues across their district! Other recent enhancements include the ability to print quizzes and to take quizzes on IXL’s iPad and Android apps. www.ixl.com 

JAR Systems 

JAR Systems is excited to announce the new Education line of charging solutions. The Education line is the most affordable Quick-Sense USB-C solution. The AC adapter-free solutions charge device sets simultaneously, efficiently and balanced. These solutions are ideal for education devices, Chromebooks, tablets, handhelds and notebooks. Charge up to 65W educational devices in under 90 minutes! 



K12PANEL.COM now available nationwide: K12PANEL.COM, a cloud-based SaaS solution that redefines technology management for K12 institutions, announces nationwide availability. The solution empowers common management tasks: cloud-based software deployments, predefined software packages, device location mapping, inventory management, check in/out devices, budget projections and more. http://k12panel.com 

Kai’s Education 

Kai’s Clan’s latest feature enhances its core VR application. Designed to interact seamlessly with its robots, the new mixed-reality, color pass-through feature is specifically tailored for use with Meta Quest 3. This technology provides students with a safer view of their surroundings while immersed in VR by merging virtual and physical play areas for a collaborative learning experience. kaiseducation.com 

KinderLab Robotics, Inc. 

KinderLab Robotics is pleased to announce its new AI Curriculum for Young Learners, Thinking with KIBO: Introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Early Grades. This free curriculum is designed to help students in grades 1–3 understand how AI works, what its limitations are and how to think critically about how these tools can improve lives in their communities. Featuring 5 lessons, students explore fundamental ideas about AI through activities with the hands-on and screen-free KIBO robot. https://kinderlabrobotics.com/  


Lenovo EdTech Consulting Services – Provides support on strategic direction and pedagogy to ensure that your institution and educators are innovating now, future focused, and maximizing technology to deeply engage students. lenovo.com 


NEW Linewize Pulse: Revolutionizing Student Wellbeing and School Culture with 60-Second Weekly Check-ins. Linewize Pulse offers a 60-second check-in, empowering students to seek help easily. It aids educators in identifying those in need while providing actionable data for administrators to enhance the school experience. The platform fosters gratitude, strengthens relationships, and promotes an inclusive school culture. https://www.linewize.com/linewize-pulse 


Logitech Reach is now available to order. Logitech Reach, the flexible content camera, is now available to order following a successful Indiegogo campaign. Logitech Reach is an articulating camera experience that allows users to stay in the flow while sharing non-digital content during in-person presentations, classes, conference calls and streams. https://www.logitech.com/en-us/education.html 

Lyfe Course 

Lyfe Course unveils its Enhanced Financial Literacy Program for high schoolers, adding 25+ new lessons on investing, taxes, navigating insurance, retirement planning and much more. The program includes 180+ resources such as case studies, printable handouts, assessments, in-class activities and much more, all taught by seasoned instructors to empower students in navigating personal finance. www.lyfecourse.com

MagicSchool AI 

The Mission: AI literacy for every student. From the creators of MagicSchool, MagicStudent is an AI platform designed to build AI literacy for students. It not only teaches students to use AI responsibly, but it also unlocks learning opportunities not possible without generative AI. Why AI for students? Instead of banning generative AI for students, we believe that teaching and practicing responsible usage is the only way forward. https://www.magicschool.ai/ 

Network for Educator Effectiveness 

Say Hello to POWERHub, the revolutionary new peer observation tool by the Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE). The NEE POWERHub simplifies collaboration to support, grow, and retain teachers through effective and manageable peer observations. neeadvantage.com 


Introducing the NEXT: An affordable and environmentally friendly solution that breathes new life into older interactive panels by upgrading existing hardware to a modern OS. With the NEXT, upgrading ineffective panels is no longer a hassle or expensive. Just plug and play and witness the transformation! The all-new NEXT Bar upgrades older interactive panels affordably and sustainably by integrating modern OS, EDLA certification for top-notch security, and easy access to Google apps. Experience enhanced audio with dual 10W speakers, a 6-array mic for an 8m range, and HC200’s 4K visuals. Compatible with Collar Microphone for clear communication, it comes pre-loaded with Collage, Chorus, and Command software for a seamless experience on Android 13. www.nuiteq.com 


NXTLVL is thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative SEL game! In this immersive adventure, players work in teams on a quest with a robot through different scenarios to discover the relationships among thoughts, emotions and actions, as well as how to separate one from the other, paving the way for a deeper understanding and emotional intelligence. www.nxtlvl.io 


Interactive displays have incorporated several important advances for 2024. OneScreen presents the all new T7 with an AI neural processor behind the screen for faster response times, top-level security, personalized experience and EDLA-certified so teachers gain native access to the Google tools they love. T7 fosters more flow and less friction in the classroom. The EDLA-certified T7 combines everything education leaders have been asking for, powered by an AI-augmented Octa-Core processor, 8 GB RAM and Android 13. That makes many things possible, like two different OS in split screen, multi-device screen-share, wearable badges for single sign-on and urgent alerts. Annotate everything, search your notes and record real-time transcription. https://www.onescreensolutions.com/en 

Panorama Education 

Panorama Education is launching Panorama Signal, an AI-powered feature in Panorama Surveys that alerts administrators when student survey responses contain sensitive information, such as mentions of self-harm, abuse, threats, bullying and inappropriate language. Student surveys can offer districts insight into the challenges that students may be facing at school. With Panorama Signal, educators and administrators can take immediate action for students who may need urgent support. https://www.panoramaed.com/ 


Introducing Paper’s Latest Assignment Tool—Paper’s new product allows teachers to quickly create and assign learning tasks to students. This feature streamlines work by teachers while providing students on-demand academic support. Pulse Checks: This tool instantly generates questions on any desired topic, evaluating students’ subject knowledge while encouraging collaborative problem-solving with tutors. Writing Review: Assign a writing task that requires students to submit their work to the Review Center for tutors to review based on teacher-provided rubrics. This process nurtures students’ writing capabilities while easing the burden of corrections for teachers. paper.co 

PCS Edventures 

PCS Edventures, Inc., (PCSV) announces the release of Cosmic Coders and Influencer Camp in their STEAM Enrichment collection. PCS Edventures STEAM Enrichment programs come with 12 one-hour lessons and all the materials needed to serve up to 30 learners simultaneously. PCS incorporates its award-winning, standard-aligned lesson plans that can be used by instructors of any experience level. Cosmic Coders 4th to 6th Grade: Experience an out-of-this-world odyssey with Cosmic Coders, where robots, space exploration and coding converge. Influencer Camp 6th to 8th Grade: Embark on an exciting journey into the world of digital influence at Influencer Camp. With a strong emphasis on online safety and responsibility, participants craft captivating personal brands rooted in authenticity, honesty and reliability while gaining hands-on experience in video production and scriptwriting.  https://edventures.com/ 

PFU America, Inc. 

PFU America, Inc. Announces New Feature-Rich, High-Speed Production Scanners. The new RICOH fi-8900 Series debuts scanning advancements that maximize ROI with stunning speed, capture technology, and protection of documents and data to support the growing need for document digitization and centralized scanning in educational institutions. The scanners have a modest footprint and feature a 4.3” touchscreen control panel, along with easy set-up, operation and maintenance and include the world’s first Automatic Skew Correction scanning capability. https://www.pfu-us.ricoh.com/ 


PlayVS is excited to share a new chapter driven by their vision of making esports accessible and inclusive to high schools. Starting in 2024, PlayVS will remove competition fees, enabling high schools to play in the highest tier of state and regional competition across the most popular gaming titles at no cost. This will reduce start-up costs and offer students social-emotional learning, character-building, as well as teamwork and leadership skills. https://playvs.com/ 


Radix to launch a new version of its device management platform. This new version will feature profile management, a new customer support module, on demand app installation, enhanced OTA firmware management service, device health check thresholds and more. www.radix-int.com 

Readable English, LLC 

Readable English announces the release of its Chrome and Safari browser extensions as part of the introduction of its groundbreaking English language reading platform. To make it even easier to read any text online, users may now add the “Readable Web” Chrome or Safari Extension to their browsers, to automatically convert any web-based content accessed by students or assigned by teachers into Readable English with just the click of a button. www.readablenglish.com 

Rosen Publishing 

LevelUp Reader is introducing the inclusion of The Decodables, a 52-eBook series containing books following a systematic, cumulative phonics scope and sequence aligned with the Science of Reading. Readers apply phonics knowledge to engaging and relatable texts. Students can rely on their decoding skills when encountering new or unfamiliar words. The texts include high-frequency words to target foundational skills. Readers will grow comfortable with various formats, including wordless books and fiction and nonfiction with photos or original art illustrations. Each book includes a teacher’s guide and supplemental instructional resources. https://www.rosenpublishing.com/ 


Satechi highlights their top products at FETC. Water-Resistant Laptop Carrying Case created for the K12 student: a durable, water-resistant nylon outer fabric and a fully padded interior, laptops will be protected and insulated from sudden drops, scratches, outside dirt and dust. The M1 Wireless Mouse features a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, a rechargeable Type-C rt, and a modern, ergonomic design. USB-C Slim Multi-Port with Ethernet Adapter is ultra-portable and features Gigabit Ethernet, 4K HDMI (60Hz), USB-C PD charging, two USB-A 3.0 ports, and micro/SD card readers, the Adapter seamlessly combines seven ports into one compact device. 200W USB-C 6-Port GaN Charger is an elegant, yet powerful charger that allows you to charge a single laptop at up to 140W or up to 6 devices simultaneously driven by industry-leading GaN technology for a fast, reliable, and safe charge. The Slim X2 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard is designed for Mac & iOS devices, the X2 Keyboard features a QWERTY layout with numeric keypad, multi-device Bluetooth, and shortcut keys optimized for Apple devices, with a modern, ultra-slim design. www.satechi.net 


SchoolAI announces the all-new Space Creator. The Space Creator empowers educators to craft unique and engaging student-facing AI experiences effortlessly. No technical skills required; let creativity flow, and let AI handle the heavy lifting, take advantage of the Preview Panel to test spaces before launching to students, generate captivating space-themed images for students effortlessly, harness the power of AI to produce stunning visuals for spaces, and easily share custom spaces with fellow educators. www.schoolai.com 

ScreenBeam Inc. 

Orchestrate by ScreenBeam is an intuitive instructional tool for classroom orchestration and student management enabling a dynamic, student-centric model that enhances teacher and student collaboration in a 1:1 classroom. Orchestrate uniquely combines wireless screen sharing with modern classroom management capabilities allowing teachers to instruct and engage students where they sit. Features include teacher and student wireless presentation, touchscreen support, student monitoring and moderation. https://www.screenbeam.com/ 


ScreenPal, the all-in-one solution for video creation and learning, announces grade sync for video quizzing. Educators can easily capture, create, and share interactive videos and quizzes with ScreenPal to engage students and assess learning. Learners can access this content in their LMS through ScreenPal’s LTI 1.3 app for a seamless student experience. And now with grade sync, teachers save time and sync student quiz results directly from their LMS to their SIS. www.screenpal.com 

Scribbles Software 

Scribbles Software announces enhancements to online document management system for K12 school systems. Scribbles Software, provider of K12 software solutions for document management and records processing, announces significant updates to its ScribOnline document management system to continue to make it easier to maintain and organize data. It’s now easier to conduct mass scanning and uploading projects, search for data with customizable index values, and maintain documents through insertion, deletion and notation. www.scribsoft.com 


Senturo launches an all-new mobile device geo-tracking and geofencing platform. Senturo (formerly known as HiddenApp) launches an all-new platform during FETC. A unified-OS mobile device geo-tracking and geofencing solution, its mission is to greatly improve mobile device recovery rates, IT fleet geo-visibility and 1:1 program sustainability. Built specifically for K12, it also brings in automated Security Policy Enforcement, Multi-OS endpoint messaging & MDM integrations: Google Admin Console, Jamf, Meraki and Microsoft InTune. www.senturo.com 


StarLab®, by Science Interactive, introduces a game-changing 4K projector for its portable planetarium. With 8 million pixels and 5500 lumens, it delivers unmatched clarity. Flexible and easy to transport and set up, teachers can bring lessons to life in 15 minutes. The package includes the 4K projector, dome, laptop and turnkey curriculum, offering a seamless, immersive educational experience in astronomy, geology, meteorology and geography. https://www.starlab.com/ 


Statik announces its 360 USB-C Cable. The USB-C end moves 360 degrees combined with 180-degree motion of the full head. This is designed to put less stress on the cable and device. https://statikco.com/ 

The Reimagined Classroom 

As a curriculum company by teachers, for teachers, we are embracing modern technologies that improve student learning and teacher experience. We are launching new services in 2024 to educate on using AI productively and responsibly, including professional development in AI and curricula on its effective use. We look forward to a future where AI can free up our team for what they do best: customizing curricula that are best for learners. https://www.reimaginedclassroom.com/ 


TPx launches a new Virtual Compliance Officer service as part of its Security Advisory Services offering. TPx’s Virtual Compliance Officer helps organizations reduce the effort involved in regulatory oversight by providing access to a TPx compliance expert who will manage, report and score activity according to standard controls including HIPAA, GLBA Safeguards, PCI, NIST, ISO and others. Through its portal, organizations and their auditors can access continuously updated dashboards and reporting, which will help with audit defensibility. https://www.tpx.com/ 

Virtual Enterprises International 

Virtual Enterprises International announces The Techpreneur Pilot Program. Designed for 9th and 10th graders, the course addresses the disconnect by intertwining technology education and entrepreneurial training. Virtual Enterprises International aims to provide students with digital literacy, essential skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, ensuring their learning is grounded in real-world applications. Experience the benefits of VE firsthand and gauge its impact on your students. https://veinternational.org/ 


Unlock the Future of Learning and Career Development with Vorkis Career Assistant, an AI-powered career assistant for your students. Revolutionize personalized learning and career paths, find comprehensive career guidance, accelerate job readiness, and empower educational institutions. https://www.vorkis.com/ 

xCers Inc 

xCers Inc. introduces GoLingo!, an advanced language learning app featuring unique tools like autoplay sentences for immersive practice, comprehensive material uploads for teachers, and engaging in-app educational games. Enhanced with AI grammar assistance and a user-friendly content sharing system, GoLingo! also boasts an advanced search function and a learning activity calendar to track progress and build a community for learners.  http://www.golingo.mobi/ 


Introducing Xebec Snap, our portable powerhouse! With a 13.3″ display and modular design for Dual-Screen or Tri-Screen setups, enjoy premium craftsmanship, an anodized aluminum housing and universal laptop compatibility through the embedded DisplayLink chip. Streamline your workflow with integrated cables and Snap technology. The 25% slimmer Snap Bracket also lets you close your laptop lid while it stays on. Embrace the future with Xebec Snap! thexebec.com 

Zoe Immersive 

Zoe announces an XR Toolkit dedicated to supporting K12 teachers in bringing VR into the classroom. Zoe Immersive is a VR creation tool for the classroom that will empower teachers to generate VR lessons for their students about any topic and crowdsourced by the community of educators. The toolkit will cover how to leverage PBL approach to VR and how to apply it to any core curriculum topic. www.zoeimmersive.com 

FETC attendees will learn about these innovations and more by visiting the Expo Hall. In addition to the Expo Hall, FETC will offer more than 400 sessions and workshops across 7 distinct tracks. FETC will kick off with innovator and poet Tucker Bryant and include a Keynote from The AI Educator, Daniel Fitzpatrick. Attendee favorite Tech Share LIVE will also return to the 2024 event featuring education technology visionaries Adam Bellow, Leslie Fisher and Dr. Adam Phyall III. 

Registration for the 2024 Future of Education Technology Conference is open. Professionals can receive Standard Savings of $57 off the on-site rate when they register by January 22, 2023. For more information, visit www.FETC.org


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