Digital Literacy for Teachers, What does that really mean?

Learning how to use the technology and learning the pedagogic uses of technology can be

Led by Matt Harris, Ed. D.

Experience has shown that the complexities of technology infused learning are quite significant for teachers. And yet, we know there are digitally literate teachers who use technology for learning to great success. How do they do this? What skills, attitudes, and behaviors do they exhibit in their work? And, most importantly, how does one become a digitally literate teacher? In this session, we will use the Framework for Learning Technology Support for Educators to help participants understand what it means to be a Digitally Literate Teacher and we work together to develop action plans to meet this goal. This will be an interactive webinar with group work and materials to take home.

Matt Harris

Matt Harris, Ed.D. will be a featured speaker at FETC. Over the past 15+ years, he has worked as an educational leader, teacher, consultant, author, presenter, and researcher.

Currently, Dr. Harris is the Owner and Chief Consultant at International EdTech. In his work, Dr. Harris helps schools and Ministries of Education around the world with EdTech strategy, evaluation, and systems design and EdTech companies improve their products and services to better serve educators.

Prior to taking on a full-time consulting role, Dr. Harris worked as a senior administrator at independent/international schools and universities in North America and Asia.

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