Where Education Professionals are Going to Learn About the Future

The coming month will be host to two exciting conferences that educators can attend to start the year off right. The 39th annual Future of Education Technology Conference will be held during the last week of January on the 27th-30th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Next month, San Antonio will be host to the Texas Computer Education Association Convention and Exposition on Feb. 4-8. Both events will provide educators a chance to experience the latest groundbreaking innovations in education technology, and changes occurring this year will make each more accessible to potential attendees than ever before.

The 4-day FETC conference will offer more than 600 learning opportunities, organized broadly into five tracks to cater to the interests of every educator. A Keynote by Sal Khan, Founder and CEO of Khan Academy will kick off the event on Monday night, and polymath Mae Jemison will close out on Wednesday with the presentation of the STEM Excellence Awards and keynote “Pursuing the Extraordinary.” Read more.

Featured FETC Program Chair:

Jenn Womble

Program Chair, FETC

Jennifer believes in the value of education and leadership today’s technological world. Her vision for transforming education includes creating high quality professional development for education in the technology space. She develops innovative events and hands-on experiences to engage audiences, promote interactive experiences, and implement modern pedagogy infused with technological tools.