What is the #Coachingcollab?

Do you have a desire to grow professionally in an environment that is personalized for your learning needs? Do you want to grow your professional learning network? If so the #Coachingcollab would be a great opportunity for you!

The #Coachingcollab is a group of “like minded” individuals in Educational Technology integration, instruction, and implementation through a joint partnership with Future of Educational Technology Conference (FETC), the Kennesaw State University Instructional Technology Department, and iTeach.  iTeach at Kennesaw State University is focused on providing the most current and relevant professional development to teachers, media specialists, and administrators in the form of individualized coaching and modeling, consulting, and evaluation services. The mission of the organization is to transform teaching and learning through future-ready experiences. This partnership equips coaches to transform teaching and learning in schools they support, as well as offer innovative programs, graduate degrees, and services to schools and districts nationwide. Fellows in the collaborative have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of effective coaching practices as they partake in professional learning throughout the year. This community of coaches receives support through:

  • Participation in online professional development with Instructional Technology Coaches from iTeach. Professional development courses include topics on:
    • Coaching Relationships
    • Flipped Professional Development
    • Coaching 101
    • Creating a Purposeful Professional Development
    • Creating a Collaborative Vision
  • Access to customized learning objects, monthly coaching resources, and articles embedded in the DA Tech eNewsletter
  • A unique track of conference sessions and workshops aligned to the Coaching Collab curriculum

One of the goals of the collaborative is to offer professional learning opportunities for individuals  to gain necessary skills needed to be successful as coaches.  The #Coachingcollab provides specific professional learning opportunities  to ensure that individuals working in educational technology settings  are successful within their school buildings and districts. 

There is a definite need for professional development for instructional coaches. According to a case study conducted by Gallucci et., al (2010), Instructional coaches must have professional learning opportunities within different settings and domains to be successful. While many coaches learn the necessary skills they need while on the job, they need to continue regular engagement in professional learning opportunities to grow their skill sets throughout the year.  Some studies reveal that coaches have “to make sense of new ideas about instruction prior to, and sometimes in the context of, exploring them with other teachers (Boatright et., al, 2010). The #Coachingcollab aims to provide individuals in Educational Technology integration with continual and ongoing professional development so they are not simply learning as they go. According to Devine, Houssemand, & Meyers (2013) coaches require extensive training and ongoing continuous development (as cited by Fullen & Knight, 2011 and Rebora, 2012). Therefore, it is essential for coaches to receive ongoing meaningful professional development that is personalized for their schools growing demands. The #Coachingcollab fulfills this need by providing educators with in-depth online learning cycles on coaching best practices. 

Through the partnership the collaborative also encourages coaches to continue their learning through advanced degree programs with Kennesaw State University Instructional Technology Department. A list of the various programs can be found on the ITEC webpage. In addition, fellows are encouraged to present at local and national conferences sharing their coaching expertise and knowledge.

As the #CoachingCollab continues into year two,  KSU iTeach can’t help but to reflect on the success of the partnership. During 2019, there were over 130 coaching fellows participate, earn micro-credentials, and attend the 2020 FETC Conference in Miami, FL.. Overwhelmingly, we have heard from leaders, coaches, and teachers stating they want MORE! We would love for others to join this free partnership. If you would like to learn more information about the #Coachingcollab please visit our website at: https://iteach.kennesaw.edu/coaching_collab.p

-Bio: Summaya Knight currently serves as an Instructional Technology Coach with Kennesaw State University. This is her sixteenth year as an educator. She has experience educating students in Elementary on technology integration projects. Mrs. Knight firmly believes in giving others the opportunity to discover their passions and interests in life!

Author Contact Information: 

Summaya Knight, KSU iTeach Education Technology Specialist II, [email protected]


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