Top Visionaries and Real-World Practitioners at FETC 2020

Presentations by people changing the future of education

At the 40th Anniversary Future of Education Technology® Conference you’ll hear from the most inspirational and pioneering thought leaders changing the future of education through technology.

Game-Changing Keynotes

  • Daniel Pink, Best-Selling Author and Opening Keynote at FETC® 2020, is the author of six provocative books — including his newest, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, which spent four months on the New York Times bestseller list. His books have won multiple awards, been translated into 39 languages, and sold three million copies worldwide.
  • The team that never loses steam — the Tech Share LIVE! panel at FETC is attendees’ favorite group, made up of educational technology’s leading experts: Adam Bellow, Hall Davidson, Leslie Fisher, and Kathy Schrock.
  • Adam Bellow is the co-founder of Breakout EDU, the immersive gaming platform that enables teachers and students to turn their classrooms into a place of discovery and inquiry-based learning. He previously served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow for the White House.
  • Leslie Fisher is an internationally recognized presenter specializing in current and emerging solutions, technologies and trends in K-12 education.
  • Hall Davidson is a master and advocate for technology integration in education. He has worked with ministries, school districts, and industries across the world.
  • Kathy Schrock, previously a school district Director of Technology, an instructional technology specialist, and a middle school, academic, museum, and public library librarian, is currently an online adjunct graduate-level professor for Wilkes University (Pa.) and an independent educational technologist.
  • Justin Shaifer the FETC STEM Keynote and Executive Director of Fascinate Inc.,  an organization created to excite underrepresented students about STEM, is known for his work on the Magic Cool Bus Project. He develops culturally responsive STEM curriculum for institutions in New York City. Past partners of his organization include Microsoft, MIT Media Lab, and the Children’s Aid Society. He is studying these programs’ effects as a PhD student at Columbia University.

Track Featured Speakers

Over 600 learning opportunities are presented by those teaching in the classroom, leading the district, and implementing systems behind-the-scenes to give you unbiased perspectives on solutions, new strategies, and helpful tips to be successful in your role.

  • Dr. Joe Sanfelippo is the Superintendent of the Fall Creek School District in Wisconsin. He co-hosts the Hacking Leadership Podcast and co-authored The Power of Branding: Telling Your School’s Story; Principal Professional Development: Leading Learning in a Digital Age; and Hacking Leadership: 10 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Learning That Teachers, Students, and Parents Love.
  • Brian Romero Smith is an Instructional Content Digital Learning Coach for Education Service Center Region 11 in Texas. Brian is an innovative and highly productive educator with proficiency in multiple levels of educational technology implementation.
  • Rachelle Dene Poth is an attorney, has a master’s degree in instructional technology and designed the course “What’s nExT? In Emerging Technology.” Rachelle is also a French and Spanish Teacher for the Riverview School District.
  • Mark Racine is the Chief Information Officer for Boston Public Schools, where he leads the instructional and operational technology for the largest school district in New England.
  • Kindy Segovia is the Supervisor of Special Education Instructional Resources at Kent Intermediate School District. She has worked as a special education and assistive technology consultant in schools for over 25 years.
  • K.C. Boyd is a School Library Media Specialist of over 20 years and served as the District Librarian for Chicago Public Schools and East St. Louis School Districts, currently working for the Washington D.C. Public School System.

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