Students as Creators: FETC Sessions Preview

by Mickey McFetridge – FETC Insider & Technology Integration Specialist for Springdale School District. Follow him on Twitter @MickMack629 and catch his blog Class Tech Integrate

As device usage in the everyday classroom continues to move to the forefront, teachers begin to see the shift from students as consumers to students as creators of content. Many educators, including myself, believe that this shift from consumers to creators is how education is transformed by technology in the classroom. There are many advantages to utilizing Learning Management Systems in the name of efficiency, but deeper learning of content comes when our students create their own products to display what they have learned.

There look to be many great sessions and keynotes this year at FETC 2018, and I am excited to see that among these great sessions are opportunities to learn more about how we can promote digital creativity with our students. Below is a short list of sessions that are sure to help educators get their feet wet in the area of student creativity tools.