Smart People Talking About Smart Things | Lori Jackson

In this episode, Mike and Glen discuss Quizlet entering the digital content space, Computer Science Education Week and whether we should be concerned about the amount of screen time our students are getting. Our amazing guest this week is Lori Jackson co-founder of the Connections Model. Mike talks with Lori about the emerging thoughts in education surrounding social-emotional learning and self-regulation. Listen here. 


Podcast features FETC Speaker:

Lori Jackson is an educational psychologist who has been working with students and their families for more than 15 years. She is co-founder of The Connections Model, an SEL and education technology company whose KidConnect app helps students develop emotional regulation, the necessary foundation for all learning. Lori believes that all children have the capacity to succeed in school and the right to a quality education. She has seen the transformation that is possible when students and educators are given the right tools to overcome their social emotional disabilities and she is passionate about helping more educators experience these breakthroughs. Lori holds a B.S. in International Business, Marketing and Finance, an M.S. in Applied Education.

Lori Jackson will be presenting the following session: