Say Hello To Lee Keller

Lee Keller is one of a few presenters from my school district, so I’m very happy to help Lee share his message

The PalmBreezeCAFE Crew (That’s me in the flowered dress, and Lee Keller on the far right end.)

here. Lee has been in and out of a few roles and departments over the years, but one thing has always remained the same: Lee stays true to his beliefs that learning can and should be fun. His presentations are always fun, interactive, and very informative. Back in 2010 or so, Lee and I shared cohosting duties on PalmBreezeCAFE. A local TV show that focused on gadgets and innovative new ways to integrate technology into the curriculum. Lee is always up on the latest trends in technology and loves to share his knowledge.

Be sure to check out Lee’s session: C721: Electrify, Gamify and Excite: eLearning Techniques for Success

  1. What is your background in education?
  • ​BS in Elementary Education
  • MS in Computer Science Education
  • 40 years in education​
    • 8 years elementary grades 2, 4, 6
    • 7 years high school computer science & programming courses
    • 5 years middle school projects manager & technology coordinator
    • 5 years administrator in educational technology
    • 4 years administrator online professional development & television show producer/host at The Education Network
    • 4 years administrator for Florida Statewide professional development course in tobacco prevention
    • 5 years administrator for professional development and online professional development
    • Currently an administrator in educational technology
  1. What unique message do you bring in your keynotes?

​  There are many ways creativity is expressed, but teacher creativity is what excites and engages students.​

  1. What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you while presenting?

​  At Sloan-C during a post-conference training I had a participant that was late for his plane hover at the door for 15 minutes because he didn’t want to miss upcoming topics.

  1. Is there anything (related to edtech) you expected to see fully embraced in schools by now, but are disappointed to see it has yet to be fully adopted? Briefly explain the barriers.

​Time.  There isn’t enough time to truly promote creativity in most classes.  Considering that creativity is one of the three top skills expected of people entering the job force in 2020, time should be provided that permits… encourages exploration and expression through mediums that allow students to promote their specific skills as they apply to all subjects.  Much of the same goes for teachers, but it all comes down to time.​

  1. What do you see happening in Charter or private schools that you think our public schools could learn from?

​Fewer restrictions on the processes in private and some charter schools allow teachers to explore more dynamic ways to present information and learning that goes beyond, around, and through the curriculum.​

  1. What is one compelling reason for parents to keep their students in public schools?

​I’m not sure that can be given a global answer.  I believe families and students are individuals.  To say that one size fits all and everyone learns the same way … we all know that’s not reality.  I think that answer lies in a complex formula that each parent completes for each child to insure their needs are met.  While I believe public schools address most issues, it really comes down to the teacher(s) you get… not the school.  Teachers are the boots on the ground.  You can go to a great school and get stuck with a mediocre (or worse) teacher.  That school can be public, charter, or private.  I think confusing schools with teaching is a mistake.  There’s much more detail to this than a blanket statement.​

  1. If you weren’t in education, what field would you be in?

​Marketing? Psychology/Counseling?  Programming?  But I’m an educator.  That IS what I am.​

  1. What kind of kid were you?


OK, I grew up in a low-income family in the mountains.  I was outside most of the time, playing, building, creating, working.  I was a doer.  I pushed beyond the limitations of my environment in spite of many obstacle discouraging it.  I was, and still am, hell-bent on succeeding.  I measure my success by how many I can help and the quality of my work.​

  1. What are you most excited about right now?

​The opportunity to complete my career in the area that I can contribute most.  I can bring together the skills I have developed over my career to help our district and teachers maximize the excitement in their classes and provide effective solutions for the problems that face us.​

  1. Anything else (message, links, etc.) you would like me to know and/or write about.

​As an Adobe Education Leader, I fit into a unique area of creativity that typically isn’t associated with Adobe or creativity.  My speciality is online, distance and adult learning.  Recently, I began a program in PD that has brought more dynamic learning to professional development.  Those skills play an important role in training our teachers in the new SIS [Student Information System] attendance, gradebook, and management processes.  It will be important in upcoming trainings I will design for a district-wide technology implementation.