Present at the National Future of Education Technology Conference!

The National Future of Education Technology Conference® announces the call for proposals for FETC® 2020 held Jan. 14-17, 2020 in Miami, Fla. The program committee welcomes submissions for presentations within the following tracks:   

Call for proposals now open

By Lenny Schad, Program Chair, FETC®’s Information Technology track

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, presentation submissions are now open and we can’t wait to see what our community submits for the 2020 conference. The RFP will remain open until April 30.   

As program chair for FETC’s Information Technology track, this year’s IT focus will be on systems vs. silo thinking and the role technology leaders play in digital transformation. Technology is now a primary enabler of success for school systems. As such, the challenges facing technology leaders go beyond just bandwidth and connectivity. For FETC 2020, we’re looking for presentations that address three key subject areas:    

1. Strategic leadership  

  • Cross-functional systems planning, enterprise project management, organizational change management, governance, talent development, cybersecurity awareness, communication and reporting  

2. Technical know-how  

  • Technology infrastructure, networks, data administration, network security, student data privacy, internet and wireless access  

3. Preparing for the future  

  • Campus safety preparedness, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud computing and next generation data ecosystem and analytics 

As an education system, we move ahead by sharing and learning from each other. YOUR willingness and energy to not only attend FETC 2020, but share your knowledge and experience via workshops or session is what makes this event great. Our goal is to not only provide tactical and practical learning opportunities at FETC 2020, but highlight strategic thought-provoking ideas and frameworks that enable real and sustainable changes to occur.   

The Future of Ed Tech Administrator track is intended to provide working examples of real system strategic planning. Strategic planning is impactful and achievable when the leadership team plans together so we encourage you to bring your entire leadership team. FETC 2020 is looking for workshop and session ideas within the Administrator track focusing on:  

  • Enterprise strategic planning  
  • Transformational implementation best practices  
  • Enterprise project management frameworks  
  • Educational policy   
  • School improvement   
  • State/federal technology policies  
  • Data driven decision-making  
  • Purchasing and budgeting   
  • Facilities and financial management and the implications of product implementation and purchasing information 
  • Emergent technologies  

We are also excited to announce the addition of the Future of EdTech Coaches track this year. This track focuses specifically on educators well-versed in both curriculum and pedagogy who play vital roles as change agents in their districts. These early adopters bring new ideas around the use of digital tools to their schools. FETC® 2020 is looking for workshop and session ideas helping coaches to:  

  • Design and model sound pedagogical practices by providing feedback, co-planning, and developing resources designed to strengthen teacher instructional capacity.   
  • Create innovative, student-centered experiences that meet teachers where they are and support their professional growth.   
  • Provide advocacy ideas for infrastructure that ensures equitable access to connectivity, digital devices, information, resources, programming, and services for all students in support of the district’s strategic vision.   
  • Models for the effective use of data-enabling reflection and instructional improvement; promoting digital fluency among teachers and students; and support a culture that fosters trust, collaboration, teamwork, and a shared vision.  

The program committee welcomes submissions for presentations within the following tracks:   

  • Future of EdTech Administrator
  • Future of EdTech Educator
  • Future of EdTech Information Technology  
  • Future of EdTech Coaches  
  • Future of EdTech Inclusion & Special Education  
  • Future of EdTech Library & Media Specialists 

Don’t wait, you can submit your presentation ideas at: The submission deadline is April 30.   

–Lenny Schad is chief information and innovation officer for District Administration and program chair for FETC®’s Information Technology track.