Pitchfest winner: How Cyber Legends is making cybersafety fun to learn

Cybersafety is a serious issue but the creators of Cyber Legends believe kids will know better how to protect themselves online if learning how is more fun.

Cyber Legends’ K-6 cybersecurity adventure game is one of the winners of FETC 2023’s Pitchfest, which recognizes the most innovative ed-tech startups. The companies in January pitched their platforms in front of a Future of Education Technology Conference panel of industry experts, district administrators, front-line educators, parents, investors and a live audience.

“We empower educators to teach cybersafety with confidence,” says James Hayes, co-founder and CEO of Cyber Legends. “Our goal is to make cybersafety education available to every child in the world.”

What it does: Cyber Legends is a narrative quest that challenges students to keep their characters safe from online risks, such as protecting passwords and grooming. Cyber Legends’ cybersafety curriculum is aligned with standards in all 50 states and it also includes lesson plans and assessments that can be embedded across the school year.

Why it’s amazing: Cyber Legends can help teachers overcome the time constraints that limit cybersafety instruction during the school day. Teachers can use Cyber Legends to introduce concepts in class and then encourage kids to continue learning by playing the game for longer periods at home. The platform’s mini-games also teachers and students to zero in on specific cybersafety skills.

The game requires kids to protect their characters, which teaches them how to protect themselves from grooming and other dangers without putting them at any actual risk.

“The game attacks the real problem—children are given technology but teachers don’t know how to teach digital literacy and there’s no time,” Hayes explains. “In order to take care of kids, teachers need the resources and PD and a solution that can be played at home because there’s not enough time in class for children to habitualize the behavior.”