Our 5 FETC Favs!

Contributed by Lü – Interactive Playground

At , we are on a mission get kids engaged to the next level! For us, this means that all systems, applications, activities and hardware we develop aim to have kids more:

  • Physically active and healthy
  • Creative and curious
  • Passionate about school
  • Socially and emotionally balanced

We therefore base our KPIs on and this is how we measure success. Our interactive playground and associated software is basically a tools to reach those objectives.

We have decided to tackle children’s well being on these four front based on our own experiences and capacity to have a transformative effect on them. However, in order to really have an impact on kids’ future we need do our part with other projects who have kids at heart.

Starting next week, is the Future of Education Technology Conference and exhibition. We are very excited to take part of this show. We will even have a live demos of our Lü interactive Playground system. We are also as excited to discover all the other fantastic projects exhibiting at the show. So much so that we went through the exhibitors’ list to see which ones we felt were the coolest. Read more.


Featured FETC Exhibitor:

Lü – Interactive Playground

LÜ’s vision is disrupt education by creating the next generation of learning environnements and experiences where kids are totaly engaged.

LÜ uses giant interactive projections, immersive lighting and powerful sound to deliver grounbreaking experiences, activities and applications that make kids active, curious and passionate about learning.

  • Booth: 103