Not All Screen Time Is Junk Food

Contributor: Matt Harris

From what I have read, screen time is dangerous. According to articles from parents groups, news outlets, and pseudo-experts parents need to limit children’s screen time and be wary whenever they have a device in their hands. These articles highlight the numerous dangers of screen time from effects on social development to physical issues and online addiction.

For many parents, they read these articles and see their children on an iPad or a smartphone and they worry. They harken back to their childhoods, which were free from ubiquitous technology, and they conclude their children are being denied critical developmental experiences. They see our schools using devices for learning and they become more concerned. Many parents believe the sum total of time on devices is a major impediment to the children growing up happy and healthy.

In a way, these concerns are valid as excessive screen time,…Read more here.

Article features FETC Speaker:

Matt Harris, Ed.D. is the Deputy Head of School for Learning Technology at the British School Jakarta. In his role, Dr. Harris works with all students, parents, teachers, and administrators to enhance teaching and learning while improving the schools use of technology and data for operations. His work also expands the use of libraries, Digital Citizenship, information literacy, STEM, and other digital resource across all grade levels. Dr. Harris is also known for his conference speaking, written works, and consulting practice in educational technology, data systems, and school leadership. He has worked with schools and Ministries of Education in the Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Australia, and Asia.

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