No-Box Thinking: Looking Beyond Conventional and Unconventional Solutions

Contributor: Dr. Rod Berger

Knowing that anything was possible in the early days of space exploration allowed thinking to be free from the conventional. Young people were inspired to think of how we might go to the stars. High schoolers became college students, who became the engineers in mission control when we landed on the moon. They were encouraged to not just think outside the box, but to discard “the box” altogether.

As we look to return to space, Nancy Conrad and her Conrad Foundation have brought back the original space-age spirit of …Read more here.

Article features FETC Speaker:

Nancy Conrad created the Conrad Foundation in 2008 to energize and engage students in science and technology through unique entrepreneurial opportunities. The organization’s flagship program, the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, is a global competition challenging students to combine education, innovation and entrepreneurship to create products that address real-world challenges and global sustainability. By enabling young minds to connect education, innovation and entrepreneurship, the Foundation helps provide a bold platform for enriching the innovative workforce of the future. As a leader in transformative education, she has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology detailing how the Conrad Foundation exemplifies the use of partnership and mentorship to improve STEM education.

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