Free Music and Podcast Collaborative and Recording App for Android and iOS

Free Music and Podcast Collaborative and Recording App for Android and iOS

After seeing its online music and podcast recording studio explode to a million users in 2016, Soundtrap today is launching app versions of its compelling technology for Android and iOS devices.  The first music solution of its kind that enables users to find and collaborate with people from all over the world on all leading platforms, the Soundtrap online recording studio can now be accessed through an app, which is downloaded from the Google and Apple app stores with one click. In addition, the new apps have notification features that notify users when others want to collaborate with them.

“Music making is important to the younger people who are flocking to Soundtrap and we see collaborative, creative activities as a growing kind of social behavior. With Soundtrap, multiple friends can be working on the same song, at the same time, from multiple types of devices from around the globe – it enables a completely new form of participatory creations to take form,” said Soundtrap CEO Per Emanuelsson.  “We’ve added new features in our apps like ‘quick record’ for recording ideas, songs or recordings on-the-go that in real time are accessible to all other devices a user owns though the cloud.”

The Soundtrap app for Android platforms will be the first music app of its kind in the Google Play app store that allows collaborative music making.  Such capabilities are also missing in Apple’s Garageband recording studio which, in addition, only works on Apple devices.  Compared to other solutions, users can be up and running on Soundtrap in minutes.

Soundtrap provides users with the most compelling, simple online studio for real-time audio, podcast or music collaboration and is also known for producing professional-sounding recordings.  As in the website version, the new apps will give users access to over 200 virtual instruments, over 2,700 royalty-free loops and 25 real-time effects, including Antares Auto-Tune→. The platform has a chat window where collaborators can work together in real time and create fully formed songs or podcasts with drums, loops, bass and synthesizers. The android app also offers video chatting capabilities when collaborating with friends using Soundtrap on other android or computer devices.

The education market has resonated with Soundtrap – schools across the country are using it as a productive learning tool. The product was named “The Best Website for Teaching and Learning 2015” by the American Association of School Librarians and has been included in Google for Education’s “Creative Apps for Chromebooks” program. “Now those schools that use iPads rather than Chromebooks in the classroom can download the new app and get all the features otherwise not available to them until now,” said Emanuelsson.  “A lot of ‘iPad schools’ have been waiting for this app to be released so they can get all the benefits of Soundtrap on their devices, such as recording vocals.”

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