FETC 2017: New Mobile MEGAShare Event

As educators, we all know that technology use in the classroom, especially mobile devices, has taken the field by storm. Digital tools like iPads and Chromebooks have quickly become the norm as methods for creating deeper connections with curriculum and content. The sheer number of devices available to students and educators today is nothing short of overwhelming.

Considering the reality of constrained school budgets and resources coupled with an explosion of digital tools, how can administrators and teachers find the time to decide which devices offer the most enriching academic experience for students? Then, once devices have been selected and procured, how do they determine what apps are the best fit for their educational objectives? Which technologies and apps play well with others? And, which new and emerging technologies are worth more than a second glance?

Sure, you could spend countless hours surfing the web for resources, opinions and perhaps some answers to those questions. But, the reality is, there’s not one single person or organization that can provide one-stop-shopping to answer everything about this ever-changing field of education technology. While many of us have had experiences with ed tech that delivered on its promises, many of us also have learned the hard way about other ineffective technologies. At the same time, many of us likely have experienced tremendous breakthroughs using particular tools.

These differing experiences are the reasons for the newest event taking place at the National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) – the first-ever FETC Mobile MEGAShare. Hosted by the Mobile Learning Network and organized by Susan Wells, founder of TechTerra Education, MEGAShare will provide a collaborative forum for educators to come together and share current research and professional practices for integrating mobile technology into the educational experience. The event emphasizes collaborative knowledge construction by enabling students, colleagues and ed tech providers to engage in learning via face-to-face sessions.

Taking place in Orlando during FETC pre-conference, MEGAShare will be held on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. During the event, experts will facilitate four collaborative share sessions of 45 minutes apiece so participants can select the topics of most interest to them. Offered as a bonus gathering for registered FETC attendees, the Mobile MegaShare event will provide a unique opportunity for professionals to discuss and evaluate the existing and emerging digital tools available to educators today.

More information about the annual FETC conference, which includes more than 500 workshops and sessions plus the Mobile MEGAShare event, can be found at: www.fetc.org.

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