Best of edtech: Back to school tools

As the new school year rapidly approaches, there is an air of excitement among educators and students alike. The upcoming year holds tremendous potential, with teachers having access to an array of innovative tools that can greatly enhance their teaching skills. Similarly, students can eagerly anticipate a more captivating and interactive learning experience. It is within this dynamic landscape that technology, particularly AI-powered tools, takes center stage.

On Wednesday, August 9th, at 2:00 pm EST, Jenallee invites you to participate in an enlightening webinar that delves into a meticulously curated selection of top-tier educational technology tools, specifically tailored for the back-to-school season. The purpose of this webinar is to explore the immense potential of these tools in strengthening relationships between students and teachers, fostering increased engagement, and effectively harnessing the power of AI for productivity, classroom management, and organization. One exceptional tool within the realm of educational technology is Canva for Education. This remarkable resource offers an extensive range of customizable templates that teachers can effortlessly adapt to suit their unique visions and teaching styles. From creating visually stunning newsletters that celebrate individual identities to designing informative fact sheets and facilitating collaborative activities, the creative possibilities with Canva are truly limitless. Moreover, Canva empowers students by actively involving them in the process of designing presentations and other projects, instilling within them a sense of ownership over their own learning journey. And the BEST part is that Canva for Education is 100% free for K-12 educators and students. Another noteworthy tool that deserves recognition is Adobe Express Voice Animation. This innovative tool provides students with a platform to express their thoughts and ideas through captivating voice animations. Additionally, teachers can utilize this tool to send personalized messages and create inviting materials for the upcoming academic year, further establishing an engaging learning environment.

The educational sphere is currently filled with fascinating AI tools that can revolutionize teaching. and Curipod are two notable innovations that not only boost student engagement but also encourage further exploration in the classroom. By using these tools, teachers can efficiently create lessons, saving valuable time for more in-depth lesson design and student support. Additionally, Canva for Education harnesses the power of AI technology, allowing educators to explore a wider range of creative possibilities in lesson design through the Magic Design feature.

Canva once again shines brightly in the realm of classroom management by offering a suite of tools for creating schedules, interactive calendars, and optimizing seating arrangements. Another indispensable resource, Iorad, proves to be invaluable in bridging communication gaps between parents, students, and educators by providing a means to create comprehensive how-to documents and videos. Meanwhile, Toby revolutionizes website organization, simplifying the process of sharing and enhancing accessibility. Finally, Genially offers educators a feature-rich ecosystem that empowers them in their teaching. With a wide range of template options to choose from, educators can explore escape rooms, games, quizzes, guides, presentations, and more. One notable feature is the Image Hotspot, which enables teachers to enhance images with voice, text, and external document links, providing additional teaching modes. The

potential and applications of this tool are limitless, offering endless possibilities for educators to enhance their teaching.

With these transformative tools at your disposal, you possess the ability to create truly captivating and engaging educational experiences for your students. Embrace the opportunity to explore and learn and be prepared for a year filled with growth and discovery. These remarkable tools are steadfast allies that will support you on your journey as you chart new horizons in education.

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