5 Ways to Fund Your Trip to FETC 2017

2016_1_FETC--0105For 36 years, the annual FETC conference has been the top destination for education leaders to learn about the latest and greatest technologies that can transform learning at their districts. And the 37th conference, held January 24 – 27, 2017, will be no different – giving attendees a close-up view of the newest ed tech innovations from more than 400 providers, in addition to a comprehensive agenda of engaging, informative and hands-on sessions and workshops. From flipped classrooms, STEM, social networking, virtual learning and much more, FETC will provide solutions to the most pressing ed tech challenges, needs and goals at your school or district.

With so much to do and learn, it’s easy to see why FETC remains a destination for thousands of educators, ed tech leaders, administrators and other education professionals looking to improve how their schools and districts connect learning with technology. But what’s not always easy is getting the financial support. However, by considering the following ways to fund your visit, you can ensure you benefit from all that FETC 2017 has to offer.

  1. Show the ROI: Getting approval for travel and training can be tough; that’s why you’ll need to highlight to your school or district management why you should go. Demonstrate the return on investment by highlighting how your attendance will end up paying for itself. For example, you can take back everything you learn at FETC to train others when you return. In addition, through the conference’s expo, you’ll learn about the various technologies that can make a difference at your district, saving time and effort typically involved with researching new solutions independently.
  2. Demonstrate how it will help you do your job: The annual FETC conference is a boon to an individual’s professional development. You can help get approval for funding to attend the conference by connecting your responsibilities, goals and challenges to the conference experience. For example, by attending FETC, you’ll be able to evaluate the pros and cons of various technologies and services, understand the link between your school’s challenges and IT activities, and gain fresh ideas and get inspired to implement positive change.
  3. Leverage the many discounts available: FETC provides several ways to save money on your registration fees, helping to reduce the costs of attending. For instance, the sooner you apply, the more you’ll save, with a Super Saver discount through November 18 and an Early Bird discount until December 16. If you are a student, you can attend the conference at a discounted rate with a valid student ID. In addition, FETC offers significant discounts for teams, so bring a couple colleagues for even more savings.
  4. Get a scholarship: There are numerous organizations offering scholarships for individuals to attend educational conferences. See what opportunities exist in your area and make sure to apply soon. You can also try crowdfunding to fund your trip. Using sites like IndieGoGo Life or GoFundMe to tell your story, explain why you want to attend FETC and highlight the benefits for your students will help you tap into the larger community to get the resources to go.
  5. Put it in writing: FETC is pleased to offer a customizable letter to justify your trip and gain approval to attend. This template will help you outline the costs of attending, highlight the sessions that will be most valuable to you and your school or district and show how you will learn new ideas and skills to help it meet the demands of state and national standards for technology and curriculum.

FETC 2017 will provide unprecedented insight into how technology can enable schools to evolve, change how educators teach their students and create a more inclusive and accessible approach to learning. If you don’t want to miss your chance to attend, consider the above strategies to help fund your trip and ensure you can make it. We hope to see you in Orlando in January!


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