32 New EdTech Products Will Be Introduced at the 2018 Future of Education Technology Conference

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January 23, 2018

Exhibiting companies will present their latest innovations in virtual reality, assessment, device management, instructional technology, robotics, and more.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.―The National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) announced 29 exhibiting companies who will introduce a total of 32 new products at the 38th annual event, January 23 – 26, 2018 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. The conference will feature an Expo Hall with more than 400 exhibiting companies presenting solutions in 3D printing, robotics, assessment, software, and much more, to go along with the conference program featuring more than 600 expert-led learning opportunities. The new products to be unveiled feature cutting-edge technology and include solutions to some of the most pressing issues faced by classrooms, schools, and districts.

“We’re pleased and excited that so many of our exhibiting companies have chosen to present their innovative new products at FETC 2018,” said Rebecca McKenna, VP of Global Events for LRP Conferences. “These products don’t just highlight impressive, cutting-edge technology, but present solutions to issues that are of tremendous importance to schools and educators. We look forward to seeing these exciting products in action!”

The new products being introduced at FETC feature innovative solutions for device management, storage, and charging; improving the after school pick-up process; assessment in the age of ESSA; improving instruction for people with Learning Differences and Dyslexia; teaching coding skills; and more. The following 29 exhibitors will be unveiling a total of 32 new products at FETC 2018:

Afinia 3D

Booth 858

Afinia 3D will be introducing two new products at FETC. The first is the Dobot Magician 4-Axis Robotic Arm.  The Dobot can manipulate objects, write and draw, and even 3D print. It has a graphical programming environment, multiple tool heads, and the capability to work with the Arduino platform. With Dobot’s exclusive tutorials and lessons, the Magician is the ideal way to learn about robotic arms, hardware development, coding, and automation.

The second new product is the new Emblaser 2 Laser Cutter-Engraver.  The Emblaser 2 is perfect for the classroom with its low price and high-quality features, such as a large work area, fan-powered exhaust, and air-assist cutting.  The system is powered by a laser diode, which is simpler to maintain than a CO2 laser, and is fully enclosed with safety switch to disengage the laser if the door is opened.

Alive Studios

Booth 1453

Alive Studios will introduce their My Letters Alive Student Journals, which will help early learners master the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Alive Studios’ free mobile app makes the journals come alive in 3D for an engaging and interactive experience in the classroom or at home. It introduces and reinforces letters and letter sounds, teaches proper letter formation, encourages creative writing, promotes family engagement, and uses the device camera for photos with 3D animals.

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.

Booth 1135

Bretford will be introducing Juice™ Mobile Power, which turns a single wall outlet into a powerful, flexible mobile charging solution, providing safe DC charging for an entire classroom. With its innovative, portable design, it provides educators with the power and flexibility to arrange and re-arrange rooms without compromising access to power, and without the cost of an expensive classroom overhaul. Juice Mobile Power requires little set-up, allowing educators greater flexibility to provide access to power for entire classrooms in minutes.


Booth 254

ByteSpeed will introduce the VR Cart, designed for classroom convenience.  The VR Cart easily moves educational VR setups from one classroom to another without the hassle of a new setup and calibration of the learning space. The VR Cart houses a complete VR setup with a spacious work surface and an enclosed locking cabinet for secure system storage.

Capit Learning

Booth 2011H

Capit Learning will introduce their Chrome-enabled version of CAPIT Reading, which delivers a competency-based digital phonics curriculum, with actionable student data in literacy sub-skills. It teaches phonics in a new way, teaching kids to read and helping to raise their test scores. CAPIT Reading was previously only available for the iPad, but with the new version students can access the program on all Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops with a Chrome browser, making this program accessible to far more schools and classrooms.


Booth 2011J

E4Effort will introduce its system, which improves student motivation and overall learning by raising the status of the second metric – student effort. If students don’t pay attention, they can’t learn. E4Effort is used to measure and report student effort in four categories. Students earn badges and “Effort Shares” that they track on their student portal. Teachers may make “Buyback” offerings, which students redeem from their portal. The E4Effort System supports PBIS and compliments standards-based grading.

ELB Education

Booth 2221

ELB Education will introduce two new products at FETC. The first is the Prowise Proline+ Series of interactive flat panels, which have 4K/UHD resolution, 20 points of touch, a built-in sound bar, new writing technology (ProWrite Ink), and an industry-leading seven-year warranty. Available in two models, the ProLine+ panel and the value-based EntryLine UHD panel, the series represents the very best in next generation touchscreens.

The second new product is the Prowise rolling Asset Charge & Storage (rACS) cart. Perfect for the classroom, the cart provides a safe and secure place to store and charge up to 36 Chromebooks or other personal devices. It features a superior design, computer-controlled power supply, and lockable doors with convenient cable storage. With a five-year comprehensive warranty, it makes classroom device management affordable and easy.


Booth 1455

FuzePlay will introduce Zubi Flyer, a smart toy that combines physical play and online learning in a fun and simple way. Students can play Zubi Flyer by pushing buttons or waving the included magnet wand, and can also plug it into a computer to modify game code or program a game of their own. Zubi Flyer makes learning electronics and coding easy for both kids and adults.


Booth 552

iBenzer® will introduce Hexpact™, the world’s first Macbook® shield with the ability to dissipate the force of impact. Continuing in their role as a leader in the vertical category, iBenzer has revolutionized Macbook protection to provide the maximum level of defense and offer their end user consumers a better and more effective product.


Booth 2512

Inquire will introduce Inquire IQ3, a multimedia recording and streaming management system designed to facilitate 504 meetings, disciplinary hearings, teacher and student evaluations, and much more. Inquire allows real-time communication, documentation and recording, collaboration, and evaluation, resulting in a seamless workflow and an increased productivity and level of student success. The cloud-based, multimedia management system uses an Android or iOS application, allowing schools to live stream, record, create bookmarks and notes, and even geotag events.


Booth 452

LocknCharge will introduce the Putnam 16 Charging Station, designed in collaboration with Putnam City Schools in Oklahoma to support their digital learning initiatives. “There aren’t many vendors that would take the time to really listen to our vision and allow us to create a solution that perfectly meets the needs of our teachers,” said Cory Boggs, executive director of information technology at Putnam City Schools. The station stores, secures, and charges 16 iPads simultaneously.

Nutri-Link Technologies

Booth 2012

Nutri-Link Technologies will introduce Curb-Smart, a solution to make the daily pick-up process easier, less frustrating, and more secure for schools.  Now more than ever, parents and guardians are conscious of safety risks to their children. Schools are held accountable for ensuring safe transportation for students, and parents are increasingly opting to pick children up themselves, or have another relative or guardian pick up.  Curb-Smart is the worry-free way to manage this process.

Orange Neurosciences

Booth 2011C

Orange Neurosciences will introduce ReadON, a revolutionary SaaS-based cognitive platform for people with Learning Differences (PwLD) and Dyslexia. ReadON is a remediation that will reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental accommodation in schools and colleges, providing significant benefits by increasing the school pass rates, preparing better employment opportunities, increasing working potential of PwLD, and provide a boost to the economy. ReadON will reduce several mental health issues caused by learning differences.


Booth 2319

Padcaster will introduce the brand new Padcaster Verse, a universal smartphone mount, designed to adjust for any smartphone. Users can attach Padcaster tripods, lights, lenses, microphones, and more to create professional video content that inspires with the device users already know and love, their smartphone.


Booth 2344

PASCO will introduce two new products at FETC. The first is the Wireless Colorimeter with Turbidity Sensor, the latest addition to PASCO’s affordable wireless sensor line. It gives teachers more functionality than any other colorimeter or turbidity meter at a lower cost. It measures absorbance and transmittance at 6 different wavelengths (ROYGBV) and measures the concentration of a solution— ideal for studying spectroscopy and reaction rates. Users can take it into the field for water quality analysis to measure the scattering effect of suspended particles.

The second new product is the Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS, an all-in-one instrument with up to 17 different measurements for investigating environmental conditions. In logging mode, it can record data over long periods and the new map display allows students to analyze spatial data. Like all PASCO wireless sensors, it is designed for use with SPARKvue software, which is available for Mac or Windows computers or as a free app for Chromebooks, iOS, and Android.


Booth 1546

PikMyKid will introduce SAFER (School Alarm For Emergency Response) as part of their continuing mission to create safer learning environments for kids. SAFER, a smartphone application, can be activated by any teacher, staff member, or the administration. All individuals in the group are instantly notified and proper protocols are pushed to every member’s device. SAFER is offered for free during FETC 2018 to all attendees who stop by PikMyKid’s Expo Hall booth for a demonstration.


Booth 110 and 114

Promethean will be introducing a new product that will be unveiled on January 24.

Root Robotics

Booth 635

Root will introduce its educational robot, which is on a mission to revolutionize the development of coding and problem-solving skills. Coders of any age or skill level can use Root as their creative tool to draw artwork, scan creations, play music, respond to touch and color, or use many of its other unique abilities, such as climbing walls. Root’s custom app transforms the skills required to code into real-world physical experiences using the robot’s 50+ sensors and actuators.


Booth 2352

Scantron will introduce Ascensus, its reimagination of K-12 testing that provides a modern approach to digital assessment designed for the era of ESSA. Ascensus includes innovative item types, interactive student tools, accommodations for students with special needs, collaborative test development, modernized item banking, and increased test security options. Ascensus combines digital capabilities with proven, research-based measures of growth and skills for a solution capable of meeting the needs of schools and districts across the country.


Booth 2413

SilverShield will introduce its visitor management system, the most customizable, versatile system on the market. SilverShield’s software is easily accessible on any electronic device. Key features include: instant sexual offender check, optional criminal background check, lockdown system with 911 silent alarm, customizable watch list, ID badges, and virtual academy. SilverShield’s system is appropriate for schools, medical facilities, gated communities, or any business that screens visitors and maintains visitor records.

SMART Technologies

Booth 523, M1

SMART Technologies will introduce the new 86” SMART Board® 7000 series. This is the company’s flagship model and the only interactive display in education that supports simultaneous multi-user collaboration. The SMART Board 7000’s iQ technology provides PC-free embedded computing and one-touch access to a diverse suite of SMART applications and collaborative tools, including wireless screen sharing, built-in web browser, and a digital whiteboard.

Tech Defenders

Booth 558

Tech Defenders will introduce eduDEVICES, a service that allows schools to purchase refurbished devices (including Chromebooks, MacBooks, and more) in bulk for an affordable price. The goal of this new service is to allow schools greater flexibility in their budget while still providing quality education to students through technology. With every purchase, Tech Defenders guarantees a quick turnaround, positive support, and reliable service.


Booth 1044

Texthelp will introduce EquatIO®, a software solution that enables students to create digital equations, formulas, and more on their computer. Students can type, hand-write, or dictate any expression, with no tricky math languages to master. They then insert the expression directly into G Suite or Microsoft Word. More than a replacement for pen and paper, EquatIO makes STEM subjects accessible, meeting the unique needs of all learners. This new tool is free for teachers to use.


Booth 2011F

TippyTalk will be introducing a new product that will be unveiled on January 24.


Booth 246

Tools4Ever will introduce ERAM, which provides clear insight into unstructured data and Active Directory group memberships. The increase of unstructured data in today’s average IT environment drastically increases the complexity of access management. Without a thorough software solution, it is impossible to determine that data is effectively managed. ERAM clearly shows who has access and how they obtained it, who should have access, who owns the data, who has tried to access it, and where sensitive information is stored.

VS America

Booth 1553

VS America will introduce the TriUnion Table. Available in three heights (34 5/8, 41 ¾, 47 ¼ inches), this stand-at table is perfect for elementary, middle, and high schools. It’s light, easy to move, and adapts to the needs of every learning situation. The lower frame contains a foot rail in two heights, creating a comfortable foot rest. TriUnion tables can also be linked together in various configurations for larger groups, and the tabletop is available in an array of colors.

Weird Enough Productions

Booth 2011L

Weird Enough Productions will introduce Get Media L.I.T., which uses superheroes and comic books to teach students how to combat fake news. Created by 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee Tony Weaver, Jr. Get Media L.I.T. teaches students how to recognize media bias, identify reliable sources, and create media of their own to uplift their communities while also improving literacy rates, classroom engagement, and standardized test scores.


Booth 1254

Wibbu will introduce Ruby Rei: School Edition, an immersive ELL experience that exposes students to learning through engaging stories, exciting gameplay, and instructional activities. WIDA curriculum aligned, Ruby Rei offers reading, writing, listening, and speaking tools that support traditional methods alongside a comprehensive teacher’s book and dashboard for tracking progress. Learning is contextualized through Ruby’s advancing story and the beautifully rendered worlds she explores. Ruby Rei is a communication adventure of intriguing mysteries, colorful characters, and empathy-based puzzles.


Booth 2006

Zyrobotics will introduce STEM Storiez – Robot Play, an interactive book that exposes children to the amazing world of robots. The children’s story includes stunning visuals, animations, and sounds. Beautiful illustrations are used to guide children on a journey through the future of robots.  Robot Play is designed to be interactive and engaging, while teaching early STEM concepts. Throughout the story, mini-games are used to progressively enhance the learning experience and create a kid-friendly environment.

Attendees to the conference can learn about more new technologies by visiting the Startup Pavilion, located in the Expo Hall, where they can discover emerging companies, demo original products, and meet the entrepreneurs whose innovation is changing the marketplace. Educators can also attend the FETC Pitchfest competition, where the best-of-the-best startups nominated by industry accelerators will present their products and solutions.

Registration is open for the 2018 Future of Education Technology Conference. For additional information and to register, visit fetc.org/register or call toll-free 1-800-727-1227.

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