3 must-attend sessions for IT leaders at FETC 2024

The Future of Education Technology Conference is packed with dynamic workshops, keynote sessions and presentations that are sure to get you excited about the rapid momentum of innovative technologies in K12 education. Since the pandemic, it’s as if educators have finally embraced the call to leverage edtech as a learning enhancer rather than a replacement.

As a result, IT leaders have eagerly stepped up to the challenge of meeting the demands of these rapid developments with great success. However, great leaders know that there’s always more to learn in this area.

From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, here are three sessions at FETC 2024 IT leaders may find helpful ahead of the 2024-25 school year:

Bridging the divide between tech and teachers

We often hear from K12 technology leaders about the struggles of building strong relationships with teaching staff. IT departments are traditionally seen as the “fix it” crew. But in modern education, that has to change.

In this session, you’ll hear from Megan Gretzinger, director of instructional technology for the Clinton School District in Missouri, about how you can implement strategies to bridge this divide.

Read more about the session here.

Tech it up a notch: Innovative tools to engage students

“Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of excitement as you join Trafera’s TLCs for a fun-filled session,” the description reads. In this session, you’ll hear from the experts at Trafera, a classroom technology integration company, about how you can utilize edtech to engage students in a way that’s “guaranteed to add a splash of fun and a sprinkle of magic to your teaching journey.”

Read more about the session here.

Know who is on your Wifi network

At a time when cybersecurity is tops on technology leaders’ lists of priorities, ensuring the security of your school’s network is crucial.

In this session, you’ll hear from Christopher Lockhart, director of technology at Princeton City Schools, about the ways you can capture information about guests who want to use your school’s wifi network.

“You can allow them to connect, but let’s ask them for something in exchange,” per the session description.

Read more about the session here.