The Connected Educator

Thanks in part to ongoing innovation, today’s educators have any number of technology solutions available to them. And there is no denying that technology is the future. Teachers and students alike are hooked on their smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, wearables and the like, spending their free time perusing social networks, reading blogs and collaborating online. With so many technologies available, it comes as no surprise that educators are making the leap to connect – and quickly.

Take Tampa Preparatory School, serving about 660 students in grades 6-12. After discovering the Epson BrightLink interactive projectors at FETC a few years ago, the school is now using the projectors along with iPads, Lightspeed Technologies microphones, mobile furniture, Apple TVs and a software called Moderator to keep students engaged and on track. This combination enables teachers to educate students from each corner of the classroom, staying up-to-date on the progress of each child and hyper-connected to the learning world.

And while every district has its own technological capabilities, the easiest way to become a connected educator starts with being a connected learner. Scouring the web for educational resources, magazines, eBooks and blogs is just one way to find out what’s out there. Playing around with programs such as Google Apps can offer up new ways to approach lessons and assignments. There are technology options that support special education and virtual learning, for all grade levels and districts of different sizes. With so many options and opportunities, the biggest challenge of becoming a connected educator is working to identify the right solutions to meet students’ needs on top of allocating the resources to secure these technologies.

Luckily, that’s where the annual FETC conference comes in, offering attendees front-row access to hundreds of providers and a stacked agenda of more than 500 workshops and sessions covering five key technology tracks. Like Tampa Preparatory School, FETC attendees will see the latest technologies in action, learn the benefits and take away the knowledge need to become connected. Find out more about to expect at this year’s show at We look forward to connecting come January!

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