Put the Learning Before the Technology

Contributed by Dr. Matt Harris

“We’re getting tablets for the students!” Such a wonderful statement, isn’t it? Think about the possibilities for the students. They’ll have access to personalized devices for use throughout the school day. Each device will be connected to the Internet which will provide access to a wealth of knowledge and information.

​And each device will be loaded with apps that students will use to communicate, collaborate, and explore.

For those of us who’ve spent a large amount of time in the EdTech game, this actually is a worrying statement for us, not an encouraging one. You’ll notice that nowhere in the preceding practice does the word “learning” show up. It’s all about access, usage, and tools not learning, individualization, or educational.  Read more.


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Matt Harris, Ed.D. is Owner and Chief Consultant for International EdTech, committed to helping schools across the globe use technology successfully. He frequently presents at conferences on Educational Leadership, Learning Technology, IT, and Data Systems. He is a published author focusing on Educational Technology, International Education, and Leadership.
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