How readers can bring Sonia’s Digital World to life using Merge EDU and augmented reality

One of the things I love most about my new book, Sonia’s Digital Worldis how Sonia and her friends use technology to learn and connect in creative, collaborative and innovative ways. 

While you are reading the preview of Sonia’s Digital Worldyou will notice on page 17 the kids are using a Merge Cube to view an eagle using augmented reality. 

The Merge Cube lets you hold digital 3D objects using augmented reality in your hand.

This video shows what it looks like when you view an eagle using the Merge Cube with their app, Merge Object Viewer. Isn’t that cool? And just think how this brings learning to life for our kids! 

In the Sonia’s Digital World Educator’s Guide, one of the Extension Activities is the…

In the Edtech Activity part, 

it will take you and your students step-by-step on how to do this activity. The slide above, which you can find here, will be super helpful to share as you do this activity as well.

The QR Code on this slide will take you to the eagle on the Merge Cube. 

My wonderful friends at Merge also put together this collection of objects found in Sonia’s Digital World.

You can scan this QR code to view an eagle, walking stick, stick insect egg, Earth, Chromebook, webcam, smartphone and more on the Merge Cube. 

If you have a device scan the QR Code, and if you are using your laptop, you can find the Sonia’s Digital World Merge Collection here.

I can’t wait to pair these up with the PebbleGo by Capstone articles about Walking Sticks and Eagles. 

In an upcoming post, I have a special choice board to share where I put these resources together into a learning and research project using Sonia’s Digital World. 

On the companion site for Sonia’s Digital World at …

…you will also find a pattern to make your own paper Merge Cube if you need them for this activity. 

I am excited to have our students learn about eagles, walking sticks, technology and so much more in Sonia’s Digital World. Stay tuned for even more collaborations and activities!  

And you can now preorder Sonia’s Digital World on the Capstone site here too

I can’t wait to share Sonia and all of these wonderful activities and resources with all of you!