Accepting the Challenge of Transforming Education

Turning entrepreneurship, education, and innovation into a Moon shot.

Contributor: Dr. Rod Berger

Once you’re a teacher, you’re always a teacher… and Nancy Conrad is a teacher. I sat down with Nancy recently to talk about her work with the Conrad Foundation and the 2018-2019 Conrad Challenge, in which high school students learn about entrepreneurship and innovation. “We invite them to design the future, essentially,” Nancy says. “We ask them to solve global and local challenges in aerospace, energy, cybersecurity, and health. We ask them to create technology tools for use in the classroom ─ and kids creating systems for deployment in classrooms is exciting.”

Nancy is also scheduled to participate as an analyst on two different panels during FETC 2019, set to take place in Orlando from January 27th to the 30th, discussing ways to invite students to transform technology use in the classrooms.

“I’ve been working at transforming education my entire life,” Nancy says. “I had the great honor to be married to a fantastic human being who had a rough ride in education,” she shares, referring to her late husband, astronaut Pete Conrad, who was expelled … Read more here.