5 edtech tools that take personalized learning to the next level

Contributor: Lance Key

On day one of math class, about one-third of school students are ready to master grade-level standards while others aren’t yet able to complete basic skills. Indeed, it’s not uncommon that students’ abilities span not just one grade level, but several grade levels. And while whole-class instruction may meet the needs of some students, more often than not, it leaves out many more students than it helps. An effective way to tackle the challenge of teaching core academics to allstudents across ability levels is to … Read more here. 

Article features FETC Speaker:

Lance Key is the Instructional Technology Specialist & teaches Integrated 1 & 2 to middle school students. He has taught for 11 years & has been using the flipped model in his classroom for the past 8 years. He specializes in helping teachers incorporate technology in their classroom & was selected as the 2016 – 2017 VITAL Teacher of the Year. Key’s Certifications: Google Certified Trainer, Edulastic Innovator, Nearpod Certified, CK-12 Certified Educator, Read&Write Certified, & a Kami Hero.

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